You are more precious than rubies!

You are more precious than rubies!

Chrensil Boutique on Oct 14th 2019

Your Kindness Means The World To Us!

It is a beautiful thing when women come together to lift up one another. A scripture that is dear to us is Proverbs 31. This scripture paints a phenomenal illustration of the woman that we should strive to become. A woman who’s clothing is strength and dignity. A woman that brings her husband good and not evil all the days of her life. A woman that opens up her heart and stretches her hands to the needy. Most importantly, we should strive to become a woman that honors God by wholeheartedly serving and loving others.

Chrensil Boutique is more than an African fabric store. Chrensil Boutique is a ministry that is devoted to honoring God by serving and support underprivileged women. We took a huge leap of faith when we choose to start this organization. Our journey of faith has been filled with many obstacles but we know that our God is faithful. Your prayers and support has been a pillar of strength to us in our darkest moments. Your purchases enable us to stretch out our hands to the needy and remind them of God’s unfailing love. Through your purchases, we are able to remind underprivileged women that they too are worth far more than rubies!

You truly are the heartbeat of this organization. We sincerely thank you for the tremendous amount of love and support that you render to us daily! We value you and are committed to serving you with integrity.

God bless you,

Chrensil Boutique