Outreach Program

Chrensil Boutique has prayerfully decided to partner with All Nations International Relief Agency(ANIRA). ANIRA is a platform that All Nations Evangelical Church utilizes to provide relief to underprivileged in various communities around the world. ANIRA is fully committed to providing support to women in developing countries who have dire health or financial needs.
Through your purchases, Chrensil Boutique helps to provide meals, shelter, healthcare, education and entrepreneurial opportunities to underprivileged women! Chrensil Boutique donates 5% of each sale to ANIRA and other charities with similar zeal for empowering disadvantaged women.
This is not another marketing gimmick. We are fully invested in using our resources to support those that are in need. Our core mission is to be a beacon of hope for those in need. We are not just in the business of selling African attires but we are in the business of using our talents and resources to serve underprivileged women all around the world.
We would love to partner with organizations that are equally zealous about serving underprivileged women. To contact Chrensil Boutique with a partnership inquiry, please fill out our partnership form by clicking on the partnership button located on the left of this screen.