Chrensil Boutique has prayerfully decided to partner with All Nations International Relief Agency(ANIRA). ANIRA is the All Nations Evangelical Church’s platform for providing relief to underprivileged women especially widows and orphans. ANIRA steps in to provide aid in situations where individuals have limited or no support available from anyone else. Chrensil Boutique's core mission is to honor God by serving and being a beacon of hope to underprivileged women.
Your purchases make a tremendous impact! Through your purchases, Chrensil Boutique helps to provide meals, shelter, healthcare, education and entrepreneurial opportunities to widows and orphans all over the world. Chrensil Boutique donates 5% of each sale to charities like ANIRA that are passionate about supporting and empowering disadvantaged women. Every one of your purchase(s) enables us to remind those in need that they are loved and worth far more than rubies.
We sincerely thank you for supporting Chrensil Boutique and enabling us to render help to widows and orphans all over the world.